Q. How do I apply to a university in the UK?
A. All applications must be made online through UCAS ( Universities and Colleges Admission Service).

Q. How do I contact UCAS?
A. Their website is: www.ucas.com

Q. How many universities can I apply to?
A. You can submit an application for up to FIVE universities. These are all listed on the same form.

Q. Do I need a separate application form for each university?
A. There is only ONE form which UCAS will distribute to each university you have listed on your form.

Q. Does UCAS charge for this service?
A. The cost for an application to a single university is £13 and for any more than this UCAS charges £24.

Q. Can I apply for a range of courses such as History and Accountancy on the same application form?
A. Yes you can but it will make writing a personal statement more difficult. It may appear as though you are not fully committed to a course.

Q. Can I apply to a course at Oxford and Cambridge on the same form?
A. No, you can only apply to either Oxford or Cambridge in any one year. If your application to Oxford or Cambridge is not successful, you can reapply the following year either to the same university or the other option.

Q. What is Oxbridge?
A. This is the shortened term used to include both Oxford and Cambridge. It is not a real university.

Q. If I apply to Oxbridge, Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science by October 15th, does this mean I will receive replies from these applications soon after?
A. No, Oxford and Cambridge carry out interviews in November and December and results of these applications are usually known by mid-January.
Applicants for medicine, dentistry and veterinary science are often some of the last to hear from all of their choices and they may not get their last reply until April.

Q. Do all universities carry out interviews?
A. No, this will depend on the course you apply for.